Can I attach and share documents to Contacts in Act! 365?

Although there is no feature within Act! 365 that will allow you to directly attach a document to a Contact record it is possible to store a link to a hosted document on a Cloud file storing platform, examples of this are Google Drive or Dropbox, other 3rd party providers are also available.

Important: Act! 365 Customer Success team can not provide support with or recommend specific 3rd party applications/hosting providers.

The following steps explain how to do this:

  1. Go to the Contact who you would like to attach the document to
  2. Create a new Activity by following the article below, do not click the Save button for the Activity

    How do I record an activity from a contact?
    How do I add a new activity?

  3. Once you have completed the relevant steps above you can now insert a link for your hosted document in to the Activity Details or Notes
  4. Click Save

Once the Activity is created you can copy and paste the URL in to your web browser to retrieve the document allowing other Users to access it.

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