How do I record an activity from a contact?

You can Record various Activity Types on your Contact records manually, or by clicking the Phone or Email field.

Record an Activity type manually

  1. Click the contact's name you want to add an activity to
  2. Click on the Activities tab under the contacts profile
  3. Click + on far right side
  4. Fill in necessary fields
  5. Click Save when completed

Recording a Call or Email Activity

  1. Go to the relevant Contact Record
  2. On the main Contact Card click the appropriate field to record an Activity with a time and date stamp

    Call Completed: Click the Phone Number field on the Contact record
    Email Sent: Click the Email field on the Contact record

  3. Under the Activities tab your, select Previous and your Activity will be displayed

    If you wish to edit the details or add more information to the Activity continue the steps below:

  4. Click the arrow on the right hand-side of the Activity listing to expand the detail
  5. Click Show Activity Card
  6. Click Add Note
  7. Enter the information desired and click Save
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