How do I edit my sender information that appears at the footer of my email templates?

Start in the Emarketing section

Your sender information is editable prior to each campaign submission. 

  1. Click Send Campaign
  2. From the Group drop down select the Group of contacts you wish to send to
  3. From the Template drop down select the template title created
  4. Enter desired subject in the Subject field
  5. Select a send date from the calendar icon in the right corner of the Send on field
  6. Read and check the I agree to the anti-spam policy box to continue
  7. Click Next
  8. Enter the information you wish contacts to seen from sender, please note that the "From" Email Address cannot be changed
  9. Click Send Campaign when all fields are filled
  10. You will see a message in a green bar stating Your Campaign is queued to send
  11. Click OK when finished
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