How do I select and edit an Emarketing template?

 How to select a template:

  1. Start in the Emarketing section
  2. Click 'Template Manager'
  3. To the right of template manager there is a drop down menu, 'Stock templates' will allow you to view pre-designed templates. You can choose 'My templates' from the drop down to view any edited templates you have created
  4. To the right of 'Stock/My templates' a second drop down exist that will allow you to choose different types of templates based on industry
  5. To preview a template, hover over the desired template and click the orange eye icon. You can also preview how the template will display for mobile devices.
  6. To edit the template, hover over the desired template and click the orange pencil
  7. After choosing to edit a template you will be asked to designate the template to an existing category or create a new category. You will also be asked in the same window to enter a template name.
  8. Click 'Edit'

How to edit the text in a template:

  1. To edit the text within a template click the letter 'A' above the template
  2. Click the text area you wish to edit and begin typing
  3. A text tool bar will appear when you click on the text area allowing you to change the font, size, colour, insert mail merge fields, add hyperlinks etc.
  4. After you are done editing the text click the orange 'Return to Layout Mode' button to the left
  5. To save the changes made to the template click the floppy disk icon at the top right side of the template (the floppy disk with a pencil will allow you to 'Save Template As')

How to change an image in a template:

  1. To change the image within the template click the Images tab to the left of the template you are working on
  2. You can select to upload images to the sub tab 'My Images' by clicking the orange arrow icon or you can select stock images under the sub tab 'Stock'. The stock images will be separated by relating industries.
  3. Click the image you wish to use and drag it into the image block desired
  4. After making changes to the template, save it by clicking the floppy disk icon

How to edit an image in a template:

  1. To edit an image, hover over the image and click the blue pencil
  2. A toolbar will appear with multiple edit options. Click the edit option you wish to use and click 'Apply' from the top right
  3. After making changes to the image click 'Save'

When you are finished, save your template and exit: 

  1. Click the Floppy disk
  2. Click the X to exit the template
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