I am not receiving my test emails through Act! 365 emarketing

This can occur if the configuration of the spam filter on the receiving server is blocking the email from being received.

Following the steps below may resolve the issue:

Note: Prior to going through these steps, test sending to a public email domain, such as Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. to confirm that emails are being sent as this will only affect email addresses on your business domain.

  1. Add Swiftpage server IP address ranges ( and to your email domain’s anti-spam filtering so that they are white listed
  2. Ensure that the email address you are using is added as a safe sender in your email client. For instructions on adding an email address as a safe sender, contact your IT or email client provider
  3. Setup an SPF Record. For more information about what an SPF record is and how to set one up, refer to the following knowledgebase article:

    What is an SPF record and how do I get one?

    Note: The Act! 365 team does not provide support for DNS server configuration. If you require assistance with this, contact your IT or email domain administrator.
  4. After adding the SPF record to your DNS server, send a test email to confirm you are able to receive it.
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