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    Act! Team

    Hi Don,


    Thanks for creating a post on the community. To confirm, you've created a recurring activity, when the date passes the scheduled date, the activity for that day is automatically closed, the following scheduled dates stay open but it is the activity for the day that has automatically closed is causing you the problem?




    Act! 365 Team.

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  • Don Miller

    You use the word “closed” , Act365 uses “Completed”.

    The problem lies in that the activity does not show up in the Agenda, after the scheduled date, unless the Completed box is checked.

    When you go to the activity, it shows Completed although it might not be.  I need to see all uncompleted activities by date in the Agenda.


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  • Act! Team

    Hi Don,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    The program seems to be working as designed when I've tested the function. I'll make sure to feed this back to the Act! 365 product manager though to hopefully have the function improved in a future build.

    If you're potentially looking to roll activities over to the next day if they're not completed then this is something that you'd be able to do in Act! Pro/Premium. If you'd like some further info on these products you can check them out on our website, here.

    Kind regards,


    Act! 365 Team

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  • Don Miller

    I'm not looking for the event to move to the next day, just not to be auto marked completed.  This can not be the way it was designed to work!

    Nothing else auto Completes.  Please reconsider and ask that this be fixed ASAP.

    The recurring function is not workable given this flaw.  

    Given your comment, I am wondering if ACT365 is a priority or even a long term platform.  It would be better described as a Beta test.

    I do not think it is fair to ask us to pay for a program that is not functioning properly.

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