How do I use Opportunity Charts in Act! 365?

Opportunity Charts allow you to view Opportunity details on a bar chart for your database Users. There are two types of Charts available:

  • Pipeline by User by Month
  • Pipeline by Stage by Month

Accessing Opportunity Charts

  1. On the left of the Act! 365 Screen click Opportunities
  2. Near the top right corner click the bar graph icon

How do I view data within Opportunity Charts?

  1. While accessing the charts select your chart type in the top left of the screen
  2. You can click Users on the key at the bottom of the chart to grey them out and filter their data out of the chart. Clicking a greyed out User will populate their data in to the chart again

    Note: The Users key is below the graph and shows which colour on the graph is relevant to which User.

  3. You can drill down further by clicking on the relevant colour on the chart to see the list of Opportunities that make up each month for a particular User. This will automatically grey out the other Users in the key and temporarily remove their data from the chart
  4. When viewing the chart that shows User/Month data, clicking on a bar will take you to the Opportunity
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