How do I record or view an email sent to a Contact in my database?

You can record emails sent to your Contacts however the email address you send from must be the email address you use to log-on to your Act! 365 account.

A video tutorial demonstrating functionality is available here

Recording an email

  1. Compose a new email to a Contact or multiple Contacts in your database
  2. Prior to sending your email include the following recipient:

    Note: On your email you can include in the BCC field if you would like to hide this from recipient(s)

  3. Send the email to your recipients. Once you send the email it will then appear on the Contact record

Viewing the email on your recipients Contact record

  1. Go to the Contacts section on the left of Act! 365
  2. Locate and open the Contact record you sent the email to
  3. Click the Activities tab
  4. Click the Previous button and you will see your email in plain text format, images sent will not be visible
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