How to verify your custom sending domain

Why do you need to verify your Sending Domain?

To avoid 'spoofing' where emails are sent from unauthorised senders. It allows the receiver to check that an email claiming to have come from a specific domain was actually authorised by the owner of that domain.

If you don’t authorise Act! to send on your behalf your email campaigns will still be sent, but will be handled differently, see the next section for details.

By permitting Act! to send emails on your behalf, it will improve delivery rates and removes the default of sending from "”.

To authorise Act! to send from your domain, you’ll need to make changes to your DNS records.  We can help create the token you’ll need to do this, but as each domain handles things slightly differently you may want to get your Website manager/IT person to help. Further information on this can be found here

What if I don’t verify my Sending Domain?

Your campaigns will still send, but they’ll be shown slightly differently to your customers. We’ll alter the address to send from our domain to ensure your emails are sent.   We want to ensure your campaigns are delivered and not end up in your customers SPAM folder or detected as a “spoof” email.

For example, if your email address is and you haven’t verified your domain, when we send your email it will go from  

On some email clients, it may be shown as “ on behalf of”.

What happens if someone hits reply to an email sent from

The emails will still come directly to your email address they were sent from as normal.

Do I need to verify my Sending Domain?

  • Is your Emarketing 'From' email address associated with your email domain, rather than a public webmail address like or
  • Are you or your IT team able to access your domain's cPanel or Zone editor?
  • Do your delivered campaigns show <emailaddress> in the sender details section?

If you answered yes to these questions, then verifying your Sending Domain would be recommended.  

How to amend your DNS record and verify within Act! Essentials

In Act! Essentials,

  • Click Profile in the lower left hand corner
  • Click My Profile.
  • Under the sub heading Emarketing 
  • Click Sending Domain.

If you haven’t previously verified your sending domain, click the Update button (note: if you’re using a public domain such as or, you are unable to verify your domain).

Below this is the DKIM record you will need to update in your DNS record.  There are several different formats for DKIM records, we use the TXT format.

Depending on what domain provider you are using, their DNS may look different, but how it works is essentially the same across all providers. There will be a TEXT field, and you can put the DKIM record in the text fields. Our provider has created a handy list of many popular domain provider’s steps to go through to put your DKIM records here.

To add the DKIM record to your DNS, first copy the 'Hostname' portion provided in the Sending Domain and paste it in the 'Host'  or 'Hostname' section of your DNS TXT record. This value should be similar to Please note that some providers are particular about the 'Host' and may require that the value be added as just scphxxxx._domainkey.

Next copy the 'Value' portion provided in the DKIM Token and paste it in the 'Value' section of your DNS TXT record. Please note that even though the value (or domain key) looks long, do not break it into 2 or more lines or make any changes to the key. It may not look like DNS can handle all of the characters, but it can.

Once you’ve updated your DNS record with the token, you’ll need to go back to Act! Essentials and in the Sending Domain area, click the Verify button – this enables us to authenticate everything is set up and running OK.  Once verified, the button will then become unavailable.

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