How do I update my billing information?

 All billing details will be updated from within your account.

  1. Click ’Profile ’ from the bottom left corner
  2. Click ’Plans & Billing’
  3. Click ’Start Your Plan’
  4. Click the drop down menu if you wish to increase your emarketing send limit, a confirmation of the monthly cost will appear
  5. Click ’Continue ’
  6. Enter payment information
  7. Click ’Purchase ’
  8. An invoice will be sent by email confirming the purchase

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Pricing: Billing is by the number of email recipients to send to. 500 recipients starts at $10/month, with $5/month for every additional 1,000 recipients.

Recurring billing: Your credit card will be billed on the monthly anniversary of your purchase date. No contracts or obligation. 

Please note: After you have purchased your account you can view what credit card is on file along with the service levels from the billing info section.

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