How to set up mail merge for my template?

Start in the Emarketing section.

  1. Click 'Template Manager'
  2. Select the template you wish to edit, click the orange pencil above the template
  3. Click the 'A' icon from the top right, this will allow you to change the text in the template
  4. Click where on the template you wish to change the text and add mail merge
  5. Enter the text you desire up until the mail merge portion, when ready for the mail merge click the envelope icon
  6. Scroll down the list of mail merge options you wish to appear in your template, click the merge title you desire. Your text should appear like the example below:

     Dearest [[Merge title]]

  7. When text is complete click 'Return to Layout Mode'
  8. When template is completed click the floppy disk on the top right to save

Please note if an Act! 365 contact does not have data in the field selected when you send your campaign the mail merge field will remain hidden for that contact.

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