What are the default fields for Act! 365 CSV imports?

Below is a list of the default field names provided in Act! 365. To ensure the fields in your CSV file properly map to the fields provided in Act! 365, please check the column headers/titles in your CSV file and replace with the default field names below:

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Alt. Email
Business Phone
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Address 1 (Business)
Address 2 (Business)
Address 3 (Business)
Country (Business)
City (Business)
State/ County/ Providence (Business)
Postal Code (Business)
Address 1 (Home)
Address 2 (Home)
Address 3 (Home)
Country (Home)
City (Home)
State/Counry/Providence (Home)
Postal Code (Home)
Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Custom 4
Custom 5

Note: You can also map your column headers/titles to these fields during the import process. 

Additional Info - ePages Field Help

The info below is specifically for ePages customers. The table contains the names of fields used in Act! 365 and the matching fields in your ePages store.

Act! Fields ePages CSV-Header
First Name First name [BillingAddress.FirstName]
Last Name Surname [BillingAddress.LastName]
Company Company [BillingAddress.Company]
Job Title Job title [BillingAddress.JobTitle]
Website Website [BillingAddress.URL]
Linkedin Profile Empty
Email E-Mail address [BillingAddress.Email]
Alt. Email Business / Private e-mail [BillingAddress.EMailBusiness/Private]
Business Phone Business phone [BillingAddress.PhoneBusiness]
Mobile Phone Mobile phone [BillingAddress.PhoneCell]
Home Phone Home phone [BillingAddress.PhonePrivate]
Birthday Date of birth [BillingAddress.Birthday]
Address 1 (Business) Empty
Address 2 (Business) Empty
Address 3 (Business) Empty
Country (Business) Empty
City (Business) Empty
State / County / Province (Business) Empty
Postal Code (Business) Empty
Address 1 (Home) Street [BillingAddress.Street]
Address 2 (Home) Street (2nd line) [BillingAddress.Street2]
Address 3 (Home) Empty
Country (Home) Country [BillingAddress.Country]
City (Home) Town [BillingAddress.City]
State / County / Province (Home) County [BillingAddress.State]
Postal Code (Home) Postcode [BillingAddress.Zipcode]
Custom 1 -5 can be setup individually, for example:
Custom 1 Customer group [CustomerGroup]
Custom 2 Internal note [Comment]
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