How do I edit or create Custom Fields?

Custom fields can be added to Contacts and Opportunities in Act! 365. Once you have created a Custom Field it will be visible under the Info tab.

View List of Custom Fields

  1. Click Profile from the bottom left corner
  2. Click My Profile
  3. Click Preferences on the left

The field list is split in to two sections, Contacts and Opportunities. Follow the relevant section below to edit or create a field:

Editing an existing field

  1. Find the field you would like to edit and click Edit on the right
  2. You can edit the Description or the Data Type
  3. Once you have made relevant changes click Save

    If you amend the Data Type you may lose data, you will be warned of this on screen. If this warning appears you must click Continue to apply any changes

Creating a new field

  1. Click Add a new custom field under the Contacts or Opportunities section
  2. In the Description enter the name of the field, this determines how the field name will be displayed on your layout
  3. Select a relevant Data Type for your field, there are 6 different types:

    Alphanumeric: Allows the use of letters and numbers
    Numeric: Allows number values only
    Date: This will allow the user to pick a date from a calendar
    Drop Down: This will allow you to add multiple items for selection from a list of Values
    Currency: This will display numeric values in your currency
    Yes/No: This will display a drop down list with values Yes, No and blank

  4. Click Save and verify the field is now visible under the Info tab in Contacts or Opportunities
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