Deliverability tips for emarketing messages

We want your email marketing to succeed so here are a few deliverability tips.

  • Avoid using stock quotes, financial verbiage and prescription drug names as they are often flagged by spam filters.

  • Gain your contacts trust and get on their personal white-list. Anywhere you have new contacts sign up for your mailings, drop a little note that asked to be added to their safe sender list. Include this same note in your actual campaigns as well.

  • Keep your HTML content to less than 50% of the total message. Spam filters love simple HTML and are much more likely to let simple rather than complex messages into a recipient’s inbox.

  • Send your email through a spam checking service. A quick Google search for “spam checker” will give you many options to try out and using a few different checkers will help you identify anything in your email that may get it sent to the junk folder.

  • You can add a SPF Record to your DNS by following the steps in the knowledgebase article below:
    What is an SPF record and how do I get one?

For more information on deliverability please see our deliverability education material:

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